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Mirage D'Amour


Año de producción: 2015


1925. In a Chilean mining town, the daughter of an anarchist hairdresser falls, for the first time, madly in love with a trumpet player. The necessity of fighting the dictatorship will bring along a tragic ending.


The Good Life by Andres Wood

In the city of Santiago, four characters struggle to reach their goals: a psychologist who wants to help other women and save their lives, a hairdresser who wants to buy a car, a musician who wants to play in a philharmonic orchestra, and a young woman who simply survives in the city, but each of them obtains something unexpected and different from what they wanted.


Optical Ilusions de Cristián Jiménez

It’s winter in Valdivia. A Mall guard falls in love with an elegant thief. An efficient employee is sent by his company to a training workshop for unemployment. A blind skier recovers sight and the city suddenly terrifies him. Winter progresses. Everything feels unreal: optical illusions.

Drama by Matías Lira


Three theater students, influenced by a charismatic professor and an acting technique created by the French Antonin Artaud, begin to experiment with their own lives in search of real emotions and situations to take the stage. Their obsession to be better actors leads them to contact their darker sides, surpassing boundaries that neither they nor their teachers imagined.

03:34 Earthquake in Chile

Three stories intertwined by the same disaster of the earthquake and tsunami that hit the coast of southern Chile on February 27, 2010.

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