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Eduardo Paxeco

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Eduardo Paxeco is a chilean actor of Universidad de Chile. 

He has participated in various theater productions, films and television.


In films the highlights are:

"Mirage D’amour¨, directed by Hubert Toint, “Olvidados”, by Carlos Bolado, “Caleuche”, directed by Jorge Olguin, "3:34 Terremoto en Chile" directed by Juan Pablo Ternicier, "Optical Illusions” by Cristian Jimenez (by this work Eduardo Paxeco received the Pedro Sienna award for Best Male Actor of 2010) “The good life" by Andres Wood (the film won the Goya Award for Best Iberoamerican Film of 2009), "Drama” directed by Matias Lira, and the Swedish film "The Black Pimpernel". He also starred, from Caracas to Buenos Aires, the Venezuelan film "Suramericano”.


 On television he has worked in several series and programs, such as Paz, Heroes, Gen Mishima, Litoral, Infieles, Cartas de mujer, Mea culpa, Teatro en CHV, Bienvenida realidad, Tiempo final, among others. Also, he has been part of the dramatic areas of several television channels, as ¨Las Dos Carolinas¨, ¨La Sexóloga¨, "Mujeres de Lujo” e "Infiltradas" on Chilevisión. "Primera Dama" and ¨Soltera Otra Vez 2¨ of Canal 13. "Maldita" on Mega¨. ¨La Chúcara¨ and "Aquí Mando Yo" of TVN. 


In theater he has been part of important theatre productions directed by national directors. From 2002 until 2013 he joined the company named MINIMALE, together they accomplished multiple mounts released in the Salón Blanco of the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. 

2010 - present

2010 - present

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