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Despite the statutory constraints under which it operates, the Commission has very wide powers. It can if necessary impose stricter regulation by adding more stringent licence conditions either on all operators, or on all in a particular category, or on individual operators, so long as these are objectively justified and do not discriminate between different operators.

The Commission has this year made three significant changes to the LCCP: it has limited the number of organisations to which operators can pay their voluntary levy;267 it has banned the use of credit cards for gambling; and it has made membership of GAMSTOP compulsory

All of these are highly desirable changes which we fully endorse. But it is hard to escape the impression that these changes have been made as a reaction to external pressure. This is particularly true of the ban on the use of credit cards, which many have been calling for for a long time. A number of the changes we are recommending can be made simply by amendments to the LCCP. We expect the Gambling Commission to make these changes very soon after we report, but they are changes which a more proactive Commission might have considered making without our intervention.

Enforcement is another area where, as we have explained, there has been a very significant and welcome change in the attitude adopted by the Commission. Again, its increasing willingness to make better use of its very wide powers has perhaps been a reaction to anticipated criticism rather than a recognition of the need to keep gambling operators compliant with their obligations.



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